There’s an elderly couple who has reached that point in life, where sex isn’t part of the itinerary anymore. One night, the wife turns to her husband and says, “Everytime one of us wants to have a bit of a slap and tickle, we just have to say, "Washing machine.’” A night passes, and the husband leans over and whispers, “Washing machine.” The wife gives him a shove and informs him that she has a headache. A few nights go by and the same thing happens, but the husband is determined and he reckons he’ll just give it one more try. He leans over and whispers seductively, “Washing machine.” Yet again, the wife turns him away. However, a few moments pass and the wife’s needs arises so she rolls over and recites the word, but the husband turns over and says, “Sorry love, it was only a small wash so I did it by hand.”
fe11robk Sex Jokes
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What's better than roses in your piano? Tulips in your organ!
lockxley Sex Jokes
Two guys are at a bar. One of them looks to the other and says, "I had the best time last night. I had sex with twins!" The other asks, "How could you tell them apart?" "Well, Jessica had long, beautiful, blonde hair, and Alex had a goatee."
unwiredmind Sex Jokes
Research shows that 80% of men don’t know how to use condoms. These men are called dads.
Paul Beisner Sex Jokes
Girl: "Can you use 'Mountain Dew' in a sentence?"
Guy: "Yes, can I 'mount-ain dew' you?"
henry allison Sex Jokes
What's the difference between a hooker and an onion? You won't cry when you're cutting up the hooker.
Konigsberg Sex Jokes
A 96-year old man is pleading with the doctor for a lower sex drive. "Surely you're imagining things," says the doctor. "You're 96 years old. Isn't all the feeling for sex just in your head?" "Yes," replies the elderly man, "that's why I want you to lower my sex drive to the place where it might do more good."
laurak2003 Sex Jokes
My boyfriend wants to have a threesome. So I told him when cloning is legal, then he can have one.
happygurl77 Sex Jokes
Q: What's the difference between a hooker and a drug dealer?
A: The hooker can wash her crack and resell it.
Mark My Words Sex Jokes
Show me a man on a dry spell and I'll show you a room with a lot of empty bottles of hand lotion.
folkdude01 Sex Jokes
A woman decides to get a porno, so she goes to the store and picks one with a fairly dirty title. When she plays the movie, the screen gets fuzzy and nothing is going on. When she calls the store about the movie, they ask her what the title was, and she says, "Head Cleaner."
benstone532 Sex Jokes