Q: What is the difference between snowmen and snowwomen?
A: Snowballs.
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What do you call a snail who likes to sail?

A snailor!
eightiesba... Word-play Jokes
Q: Where in L.A. can a deer hunter find does in season year round?
A: Venison Beach
noahlot2 Word-play Jokes
There are two eggs walking to an intersection. When they meet at the middle, one egg says to the other egg. Eggcuse me!
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Q: Why is it useless telling a shop keeper to be quiet?
A: Because they don't shut up until the end of the day.
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Why did the skeleton go to the funeral alone?

Because he couldn't find anybody to go with him.
jelus01 Word-play Jokes
A termite walks into a bar and asks, "Is the bar tender here?"
What do you call a girl with one leg? Aileen.
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A fancy Alaskan restaurant invited a world famous chef to be a guest cook. Although the chef was renowned for his spectacular recipes, one customer asked him to prepare a local favorite: whale meat. Try as he might, everything the chef sent out just was not edible. The customer finally stormed back to the kitchen to berate the chef. The embarrassed chef offered to cook a meal of his finest recipes for the customer at no charge. After over an hour of preparation, the chef delivered to the diner the most magnificent gastronomic feast he had ever tasted. As he was leaving the restaurant, the satiated customer was overheard saying, "Well, that will teach me to never judge a cook by his blubber."
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Did you hear about the drunk frog? He barley hops.
youngatheart Word-play Jokes
What did the hat say to the scarf? "You hang around and I'll jump on a head."
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